And a new logo was born…

Over the weekend we rolled out a new logo.

We changed our logo for a few reasons. First, Shixels (or rather now, Shixels Studios => (see!) logo_small)

is not just the creative agency that we once were. When our focus was being a creative agency, the logo with just a burst of colour and the word “Shixels” spelled out without any secondary pronoun (e.g. Studios, Academy) made sense.

See Old & New Logo Below


Our business has changed from just a creative agency (Shixels Studios) to a platform (Shixels) that delivers the best in staffing & professional vetting (Shixels Network), Financial Technology (Shixels Pay – Coming Soon!), and Consumer and Corporate Education & Training (Shixels Academy) .

Secondly, the logo change felt natural and has added a fresh start to the company that we have grown to become. We kept an ode to our beloved “burst” by incorporating sharp edges in the new ‘X’ but we cleaned up the overall logo to represent more of the “Sharpness” that comes with “Sharp Pixels – Shixels”. All in all we’re really excited, and after years of overthinking we’ve found “the one”.


Being that we are obsessed with all things content, we are proud to move forward with our new logo and hope that you like it too!

Shixels X

Sep, 02, 2015