Growing from the status of an anonymous start-up to a world-shaking hegemon probably isn’t an easy journey. Along the road you’ll hunt for clients, successfully acquire some and probably lose a few as well. In order to minimize that outcome as much as possible, you need to make sure that your potential clients can see how good your work is. In an ideal situation, you won’t even need to pitch anything. Here are 5 reasons why it’s crucial for your portfolio to speak for itself.

1 – Seeing is believing


Visuals trump words anytime, any day. A potential client would rather just glance at your portfolio in order to make a decision, rather than having to read through pages of company descriptions and beliefs. It’s generally a good idea to try and make things as easy to digest as possible even if visuals might not seem like your primary area of focus. So for instance, an accounting firm might not see the need for a visually compelling portfolio, and feel like simply naming some of their existing clients is more than enough. But a simple page that collects the logos of the various client companies has a much better overall effect than a list of names.

2 – First impressions matter the most

As a company seeking clients and still trying to establish herself in the market, often, you don’t get the chance to make a second impression. You get one chance to captivate your target and avoid an irreversible dismissal. Without a favorable first impression, very rarely would potential customers feel compelled or intrigued enough to consider paying closer attention to what you have to offer.

3 – Exudes professionalism


Potential customers are usually aware of the average amount of effort expended on any particular task. If your portfolio clearly shows that you’ve spent quite some amount of time and effort in order to make it look above average, you’ll instantly score points when contrasted with a company that appears to have barely scratched the surface in terms of how it could have been presented. If you click on any of the links in our portfolio section, for instance, you’ll see that we provided a summary of the project in question, along with its completion date and a visual. Going that extra mile in order to look compelling really does add value to the effect you have on potential customers.

4 – Your portfolio grows alongside you



Every time you add a new customer to your portfolio, you display your growth and your achievements. Some companies display project completion dates or client acquisition dates alongside the respective company logos, for instance. It’s a subtle yet powerful way to reveal your company’s growth in an unpresumptuous way. Of course, before implementing such a strategy, you must ensure that it woks in your favor. Using this tactic when you haven’t had a single new client in over a year, for instance, would obviously not have the intended effect and is instead likely to backfire.

5 – A visual way to showcase your personality

Given the broad variety of ways you could employ in other to showcase your work, the particular method that you’ll eventually decide to adopt will, to some extent, reflect the kind of company you represent. If it looks clean, professional and visually attractive overall, you will instantly project the image of a clean and professional company that puts effort into her work and has an eye for detail. Potential customers won’t have to think twice to ascertain the type of company they’re dealing with. They’ll be able to tell at a glance.


Going the extra mile in order to showcase your portfolio can really work in your favour. If you take the time to make sure that it accurately reflects the company’s attention to detail and willingness to go beyond what’s strictly necessary, it will leave a lasting impression on your potential customers, thus increasing your chances of acquiring more clients.


Oct, 22, 2015