Why You Need A Dashboard Camera


Dashboard cameras (Dashcams) have been gaining in popularity these past few years. They are mostly convenient due to the fact that they don’t require any attention at all. Set and forget. This allows you to capture footage while driving around without having to worry about your poor cinematography skills or your shaky elbows.

Besides the obvious practical aspect of dashcams, there are other reasons why you might want to consider installing one in your own vehicle.

1 – Insurance Proof

We all know that sometimes, accidents aren’t our fault. Sometimes, it really is the other guy that ran a red and slammed into you before speeding away, ignoring the battered state of his own car and probably worrying a lot more about the consequences he would have to face if he were to get caught. In such a scenario, one would rightfully walk up to his or her insurance in order to demand reparation. Alas! Things aren’t always so simple. The insurance company obviously doesn’t like giving out money, so they’ll try their best not to do so, and if they can somehow lay blame on you for the accident, in some cases, they don’t owe you a single cent.

This is where your treasured dash cam comes into play. With the footage from the camera, you’ll be able to prove (to a certain extent) your degree of responsibility in any driving-related incident. While it might not be enough to ensure that you’ll receive due compensation, it’s still a powerful tool to have at your disposal.

2 – Police Protection

The authorities sometimes (often?) abuse their power and it’s quite difficult to get them to account for their deeds. We keep hearing stories of police brutality and how the worst punishment they receive is often simply being transferred to another department. We hardly hear of the perpetrators being prosecuted.

One of the reasons for these kinds of circumstances is lack of evidence. Although it might be difficult to bring out your camera and film them while you’re being denied your rights or abused in any way, having a dashboard camera can help remedy some of those issues. It’s limited to certain situations, fair enough, but having a little back-up is better than having none at all!

Do be careful before setting up a dashboard camera to film the police though. Depending on your local laws, doing so might be illegal. It would be a wise idea to get a thorough understanding of the legal side of things before going ahead with this set-up.

3 – Interesting Sights

dash cam view

Of course, on a more joyful note, we often see quite a few interesting things while driving around. Sometimes, it’s nice to have footage without actually having to bring out your phone to get it. You can actually focus on just driving around.

There you have it. A few legit reasons to own a dashboard camera. You still don’t have one? What are you waiting for?

Mar, 10, 2016