Grab Your GoPro! Youtube Content Now Eligible for Emmy Awards!


Yes, that’s right. Providers of online cinematographic content are now eligible to win Emmy Awards. Although there are a few requirements for eligibility, such as the need for a minimum of 6 episodes of an average of 15 minutes each, and their broadcasting which should occur either online or via cable, we at least have a benchmark for standards to aim towards.

The introduction of this new award doesn’t seem out of place in the least, considering the recent boom in digital content. Having an official event for recognition will probably do wonders in motivating aspiring cinematographers to carry their craft to the next level. Although there are already quite a few awards dedicated to online content, such as The Webbys, this is definitely the first official form of acknowledgement so far for short-form content.


Internet content from Amazon and Netflix is already winning awards, as Amazon Prime Video’s “Mozart in the Jungle” picked up two awards for Best Comedy/Musical series and Best Actor in the same category at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards, while last year, Netflix had left with no less than 7 Golden Globes. But these don’t quite have the same implications as the decision to expand the categories in The Emmys Awards. After all, Amazon and Netflix both have high budgets and are actual companies. The resources at their disposal far outstrip those from Youtube amateurs. In a nutshell, competing with them is impossible for most.

But with the introduction and expansion of 5 new categories in The Emmys honouring short form content, a new door has just been opened for amateurs worldwide. These new and expanded categories are the following:

    Outstanding Short Form Series – Comedy or Drama (replaces Short Format Live Entertainment category)

    Outstanding Short Form Series – Variety (new)

    Outstanding Short Form Series – Reality/Nonfiction (replaces Short Format Nonfiction category)

New categories for Performers in Short Form Series:     

    Outstanding Actor in a Short Form Series – Comedy or Drama (new)

    Outstanding Actress in a Short Form Series – Comedy or Drama (new)

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing who’ll take home the first set of awards for these categories. And who knows if more types of digital content will make their way up there and gain legitimacy. Let’s stay tuned in order to find out!

Apr, 29, 2016