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If you’re reading this article, chances are, you’re using an internet connection in order to do so. And internet doesn’t come for free and is quite unreliable in Nigeria so we all know that there’s virtually no guarantee that your connection won’t simply stop working at any given moment.

If you could occasionally use it for free, or have access to it in emergencies, wouldn’t you want such backup? It might not be a big deal to some because all they use it for is twitter and Facebook (or in some cases that’s precisely why it’s a big deal), but to others, an unreliable internet connection that abandons you at critical moments could be considered a bringer of disaster. There could be that important e-mail that must go out before midnight. There might be that all-important trade that must be completed before close of business. And your internet has decided to go missing on you. What to do?





At the end of the day, your house isn’t the only place with a wireless internet connection. Tons of places have one: cafes, restaurants, malls, bars, libraries, you name it. But then, how do you locate them? How do you know who they are? Short of asking round or being lucky because you happen to frequent these locations, chances are, you have no clue where to start.

This is where the new app, Spotpop, enters the fray. With this crowdsourced app, you just happen to have your work cut out for you. Anyone that has downloaded the app and comes across a wifi network that could be of use to others can simply add it to the app. If the network is password protected and your inner James Bond gets a hold of the password, you can add it as well to the app, saving others the hassle of trying to obtain it.




The most crucial, attractive and ultimately beneficial aspect of this app is the fact that it’s crowdsourced. The users are the ones tasked with finding hotspots, adding them to the app, hunting for passwords, etc… just so others can benefit from it. It might sound like a pointless endeavour to those with a more self-interested outlook on things, but even they would be wise to keep the app at hand. After all, you never know when you will be separated from your daily environment. It’s always good to be prepared for worst-case scenarios. SpotPop might be the only app that can direct you to free WiFi in a time of desperate and critical need.

The ability to up-vote and down-vote particular spots, and even leave reviews, is another very strong point. If the couch by the window gives the best signal along with the right angle for the air- conditioning, a kind soul can casually drop these bits of wisdom in the reviews section of a particular spot. If the password happens to change, the first person to get the new one can instantly let everyone know. With Spotpop, we help each other, because we’re all in the same boat.

Therefore, don’t hesitate any longer. Download the app and become a part of Spotpop, The People’s WiFi.


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May, 03, 2016