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3 Reasons Most Small Businesses Fail in Nigeria

Being an entrepreneur is exciting. It involves taking risks, making decisions and more importantly, reporting to nobody but yourself! Some might like the idea of being their own boss, but the advantages come with serious drawbacks: you can fail and lose your investment. Unfortunately, that outcome seems to occur more than it should in a […] Read more

Jan, 26, 2016



Growing from the status of an anonymous start-up to a world-shaking hegemon probably isn’t an easy journey. Along the road you’ll hunt for clients, successfully acquire some and probably lose a few as well. In order to minimize that outcome as much as possible, you need to make sure that your potential clients can see […] Read more

Oct, 22, 2015


5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media

Social Media has become an all-pervasive aspect of our daily lives. Be it through Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we’re all being affected by the never-ending waves of Social Content, in one form or another. As a business owner, this represents a tremendous opportunity to grow your company. Here are 5 reasons you should […] Read more

Oct, 20, 2015


And a new logo was born…

Over the weekend we rolled out a new logo. We changed our logo for a few reasons. First, Shixels (or rather now, Shixels Studios => (see!) ) is not just the creative agency that we once were. When our focus was being a creative agency, the logo with just a burst of colour and the word […] Read more

Sep, 02, 2015


Happy Belated Birthdays to Victor, Rufus and Edison!!

As we’re still figuring out our perfect intranet system which would remind us of staff birthdays, we would like to wish a very happy birthday to three of our dedicated staff: Victor, Rufus and Edison! Although today is full of smiles, and we know that birthdays are nature’s way of telling us to eat more […] Read more

Aug, 28, 2015


New Site Launched!

Hello World! We are very proud to introduce our newly designed website! During the next few months we will be constantly updating and adding content to the website so be sure to check back often! When we do things, we like to do them to the very best of our ability. For the past few […] Read more

May, 11, 2015


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