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We provide brand consulting and brand identity design to businesses of all sizes. We develop holistic brand experiences that help propel business forward and we do it by working with our clients in a highly collaborative way that embraces experimentation, curiosity and big thinking. We guide businesses through both the strategic and tactical aspects of rebranding.

At Shixels Studios, we believe that creating a strong brand ensures consumer efficiency. The brand is the perfection of the products, services, logo, colours, images and every touch-point. It consists of three important factors which include: imagery, association and differentiation.

Imagery- You must have memorable images that are easily identified and distinguished amongst your clientele. We will customize and design your logo, logotype, symbol, and website to make you stand out amongst competitors and ensure that your costumers are aware of your uniqueness.

Association- When most people see a bitten apple, they think of Apple products; a mermaid is associated with Starbucks coffee; and a yellow M can trigger you to think about a Big Mac. These images are perfect examples of how imagery creates association. We want to make sure that when people see items associated with your brand or logo, they automatically think of your company.

Differentiation- We will strive to make sure that your customary imagery will stand out amongst others and allows your clients to better identify who you are.

At Shixels Studios, we pride ourselves on providing you the very best digital marketing tools in the industry so as to enhance every interaction you have with your clients. Your success is our success

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