Big Games (by Superior Games)

Big Games (by Superior Games)
3D Motion Graphics & Soundtrack

This Live Lottery Draw Project is our opportunity to design a visual system with far-reaching implications, which could be viewed by thousands of SGL customers and prospective customers nationwide. The SGL Project will mobilize a visual campaign to supplement offline 6/49 lottery sales to further reinforce program messages and provide venue for win notification.

The goal of the project is to produce a message that could be utilized in a visual campaign composed of a jingle, motion graphics, and lottery ball generator program. The campaign will be viewed by thousands of citizens and customers nationwide as part of theBig Games 6/49 winning process. The imagery and language should be eye-catching and exciting without being alarmist or intimidating. The messages should counter the popular myths of gambling as depicted in movies and the media.

Client: Superior Games Ltd
Date: Ongoing