Digital & Outdoor Marketing

Email Marketing


From concept, to design, to final deployment, successful email marketing campaigns must be carefully managed. As a full-service agency, our highly-skilled email marketers work in tandem with our graphic designers and website developers to drive traffic from your email marketing. From start to finish, our specialists use their technical expertise and best practices knowledge to successfully design, monitor and manage your email campaigns.

The Email Design Process

This is another area where our layout artists and digital team really work together nicely. In the concept phase, our artists are developing an attractive, professionally designed layout, with a number of email client parameters in mind. Before you even see the designs we propose, we’re running them by our developers, who sometimes send us back to the drawing board to edit some aspects of the layout, so it’s sure to work seamlessly within every email client.

Use Your Information Wisely

If you have an email database that is going unused, you are most likely losing out on a ton of potential value! There is a lot more that goes into online marketing than just a simple email: incorporating timing, design, and segmentation is something we do – and we are very good at it. Our email professionals work to develop effective campaigns that grow leads, sales and awareness of the services and products you provide.

Because email deployment is a highly involved process, many businesses lack the right resources to manage their digital initiatives. At Shixels, we work diligently to ensure all of your email marketing campaigns succeed.

You Have Seconds To Grab People. Grab It With Impact!

We write unique, customised content focused to your subscribers’ interests that includes strong calls-to-action, video, coupons, links, social media icons or whatever is needed for maximum engagement. And, we set up the strategy, the technology and database, the editorial calendar, and sharply designed branded templates. We do it all!
  • Custom Newsletter Creation
  • Database Creation (importing and cleaning of existing addresses)
  • Custom Header Creation
  • Newsletter Content Creation
  • Formatting, Scheduling and Monitoring of Campaign
  • Scheduled Campaigns
  • Subscriber Management
  • Social Media Integration
  • Campaign Analytics Reporting

Digital, Print, and Outdoor Marketing

The next step in any marketing campaign is to get the word out to as many prospects as possible. If you are thinking of advertising in any magazine look no further. At Shixels Studios we can help you achieve that goal by designing your ad and help you place it in your favorite magazines. Shixels Studios has working relationships with some of the top magazines in the world as well as prime outdoor billboard and sign post locations, and more. We can help you with your media buying solutions and get you the maximum exposure for the best possible price.

Look – It's An AD!

Whether online or offline, clever media planning means we place ads where your targeted audience will notice them. And it’s not always where you’d expect to find an ad. How about the floor at an airport? Or on your phone? What about a video game?

At Shixels Studios, we’re not afraid to try new ways of reaching your target. We’ve learned that in order to ensure a fruitful yield, sometimes you have to break new ground.