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When someone mentions Coke or Pepsi, you immediately visualize their logo, slogan and advertising jingle. The creation of each of these elements should reflect your business objectives and help differentiate you from the competition. Many people regard logos, branding and identity as all the same, but we know the differentiators, and how they work.

In today’s market, reaching your audience means providing genuine, engaging, and relevant content in mediums that fit seamlessly into their routines. Our trusted team can generate content to fit your brand and engage your audience. Allow us to entertain your audience while you watch your following grow. We deliver relevant content that converts attention into action. We also provide social media management services so you can focus on what you do best.


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The logo is the keystone of your company’s branding and identity solution. Logos are vital to your business identity, which is why we work through multiple iterations of a potential logo, trying to find one that fits your personality and corporate objectives. Our design specialists can create logos which match your exact specifications or we can work as a partner with you in the process.



These days everyone has a business card. One look at that card can tell you a lot about what kind of business you are dealing with. That first impression could make or break a sale and that is why so many companies invest in professionally designed and printed branding collateral. Shixels Studios provides a full branding suite print solution. We start by designing a brand for you that can be implemented across all your identity collateral such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes and more. We also provide extremely cost competitive printing packages that can print all your identity materials at once and save you time and money at the same time.


Once you are done with your branding and its collateral your next step is to promote yourself. Marketing is key to the success of any business and at Shixels Studios we provide a full suite of marketing collateral design and printing solutions. We design your folders, flyers and rack cards and then offer you extremely cost competitive printing solutions so that you start marketing your business in no time. We even have the capability to help you with targeted prospect list creation and distribution of your marketing collateral.


Now that you have brand collateral you need a document to demonstrate your services and capabilities to your prospective clients and nothing would do than better than a comprehensive brochure. At Shixels Studios we provide a multitude of brochure design options from simple trifolds to multiple page booklets. We also offer affordable printing solutions so that you can take your ideas to your customers as fast as possible.


The next step in any marketing campaign is to get the word out to as many prospects as possible. If you are thinking of advertising in any magazine look no further. At Shixels Studios we can help you achieve that goal by designing your ad and help you place it in your favourite magazines. Shixels Studios has working relationships with some of the top magazines in the world such as Th Washington Times, as well as prime outdoor billboard and sign post locations, and more. We can help you with your media buy solutions and get you the maximum exposure for the best possible price.


At Shixels Studios we know how important it is to get the word out there to your prospective customers. We provide affordable postcard campaigns that can do just that. We design your postcards, have them printed and mail them for you as well. We even have the capability to find you the best possible list of prospects based on household income, geographic area or many other deciding factors that can serve your marketing efforts. Please contact us today to find out more about our postcard marketing campaigns.


You have a great product and you know your target audience but you don’t have a container to deliver your great product to your customers. That is where Shixels Studios comes in. We are experts at packaging design and we can take your product and present it the way it is meant to be presented. Packaging can make or break a product. If you have a great product you can’t afford to skimp on the packaging. Great packaging design ads so much credibility to your brand and helps facilitate your sales and marketing efforts.


You have a trade show coming up and you need some free standing banners printed. No problem! At Shixels Studios we offer a full suite of trade show material design and printing solutions. We know how important it is for you to stand out from the crowd and our designers know how to break free from the clutter and deliver your message loud and clear. Moreover, through our third party affiliates we are able to provide you the best trade show material at an affordable price that will surprise you.


Ever wonder who designs those amazing environmental banners or signs that you pass by on your way to work? At Shixels Studios we offer a multitude of environmental design and printing solutions that can fit any budget and scope. From simple front yard signs to large building size banners we can design it all. We also provide printing solutions that can take the design from the computer screen to the street. Please contact us to find out more about our environmental design capabilities.


Do you need a uniforms and corporate badges not only designed but properly manufactured? Are you putting together a campaign and you would like to offer your prospects some marketing souvenirs? Labels and buttons are among the most used souvenirs and at Shixels Studios we are experts at designing them so that they would have the best impact for your campaign.


One of the most used items as a marketing leave behind item is a pen. People tend to carry them around and if you have a clever pen design you can certainly garner some attention. At Shixels Studios we are experts at designing effective pen labels that are elegant and effective. We also provide a multitude of different printing options that can fit your budget and marketing needs.


Events are an integral part of every business’s marketing strategy. At Shixels Studios we provide a multitude of invitation design options that can suit the needs of every possible event. We also provide printing and mailing services so that you can get those beautifully designed invitations to your prospective clients.


If you are in the service industry you know the importance of constantly being visible and in front of prospective clients and nothing can achieve that better than a car wrap. A service vehicle that bares your brand and contact information prowling the streets will generate a lot of leads for free that you otherwise have to spend your hard earned money to acquire. At Shixels Studios we are experts at designing exciting car wraps for any vehicle type and model.